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How to play

1933 年量子學家皮亞特海恩,在維爾堡海森保的一次量子力學的演講中,發佈了一套需要手眼並用的實體智力遊戲<<立體七巧板>>。立體七巧板是由七塊”多立方體”所組成的一個3X3X3立方體。它是由一個”三立方體”及六個”四立方體”所組成3+6X4 = 27,恰好是立方體的體積。這些多立方體也可以組成許多不同的三維形狀,玩法如下:

The Soma Cube is a solid dissection puzzle invented by Piet Heinin 1933 during a lecture on quantum mechanics conducted byWerner Heisenberg, who released a set of physical puzzle gamesthat require both hands and brains. The typical version is a 3X3X3cube consisting of seven polycubes. It consists of a tricube and sixtetracubes, and 3+ 6X4 = 27, which happens to be the volume ofa cube in the size is 3. These polycubes can also be composed ofmany dierent three-dimensional solids, as follows:


3X3X3 立方體有四百八十個砌法,可嘗試組成和紀錄這480 種立方體的砌法。

The basic mode is to compose the puzzle into a cube. The 3X3X3 cube has 480 solutions. Try to compose and recordthe 480 cubes in a systematic way.




The second way is to play with the 52 challenge cards that come with the game are allcomposed by KIWI. Most of the images are based on symmetry.

Each challenge card may have at least one composition. Try tobuild the solid as is!


When you are familiar with the game, you can draw a challenge card with a friend and compete who build the fastest.


Or you can even design the new gure for your opponent can see who is the faster to complete each other gure.


This is the origin of my dream. I also hope to bring this joy to all peoples. I hope that whoever find my dream, please leave a
message on my Facebook or INSTAGRAM to let this dream continue.

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